PUSKOM ULB Luncurkan Aplikasi SISAPRAS dan Sistem Informasi Tracer Study dan Pusat Karir

Labuhanbatu,  June, 22-2020

Labuhanbatu University is a higher education institution whose job is to carry out the functions of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education. The Tridarma is meant to function as an implementing institution in education and teaching, research, and community service. To achieve the vision and mission, of course owning a number of assets in the form of physical and non-physical infrastructure and facilities. With regard to physical infrastructure and facilities, it is necessary to manage these physical assets appropriately in order to be efficient and effective as well as to support the smooth process of implementing education at the ULB Campus.

Located in the headroom of the Bureau of Finance, Human Resources and Assets ULB by Mrs. Hj. Siti Lam’ah Nasution, SH, MM As Head of the Bureau of Finance, Human Resources and Assets of ULB, said that the assets for facilities and infrastructure are divided into 3 (three), namely 1. University assets, 2. Faculty assets, 3. Assets obtained from DIKTI. Of the three assets, good physical asset management is needed to support the smooth running of the Academic process at the ULB Campus. Furthermore, the transfer of infrastructure and facilities is an effort to transfer rights and / or responsibilities, authority, mandatory use, utilization from a work unit to another unit within the University. Labuhanbatu, he said

In this regard, PUSKOM Labuhanbatu University through Weldani Syahputra, SE, one of the Programmers Launched the Information System for Facilities and Infrastructure Application (SISAPRAS), with the aim of optimizing the facilities and infrastructure and assets in the ULB Campus Environment.

Furthermore, Weldani said that the inventory of facilities and infrastructure is an activity to identify the quality and quantity of infrastructure and facilities physically. Thus, there are two important activities in an asset inventory, namely: 1. Physical inventory of infrastructure and facilities 2. Legal inventory of infrastructure and facilities. Physical aspect inventory is the identification or determination, among others, the location, address, site (position, location, arrangement) shape, size, area, color, volume, number, type, type and other characteristics of objects that are inventoried as infrastructure and facilities on campus. ULB. The legal aspect inventory is the identification or determination, among others, regarding the status, control, legality issues that are owned,

In the same way Mrs. HJ. Siti Lam’ah conveyed that there are several main tasks and activities in the inventory of academic facilities and infrastructure, namely: 1. Determination of objects to be inventoried, 2. Collecting data, 3. Grouping or categorizing, 4. Codification, 5. Bookkeeping and administration, 6. Reporting of inventory results, 7. Administration submission in the form of facilities and infrastructure documents.

Besides that, PUSKOM also published a Career Center and  Tracer Study Application, Weldani said that this application could be used for tracing activities of graduates / alumni which were carried out 2 (two) years after graduating and aimed to find out the  outcomes of  education in the form of a transition from higher education to the world of work. , the latest work situation, the alignment and application of competencies in the world of work. For this reason, Higher Education (PT) is expected to carry out a tracer study  program right which aims to determine the absorption, process, and position of graduates in the world of work so that they can prepare graduates according to the competencies needed in the world of work and help government programs in order to map and align the needs of the world of work with the competencies obtained from Higher Education (PT ). besides that, the Career Center is an institution formed to bridge the information needs of the world of work required by Higher Education (PT) and also to answer the challenges of the world of work, the Career Center activities include:

  1. Soflskills training
  2. Internships / internships
  3. Online job fair
  4. Job Opportunities Fair
  5. Career Counseling
  6. Campus Recruitment
  7. Tracer Stady

With this application, it can make it easier for universities to carry out good internal audits in compiling a report, both on facilities and infrastructure and also tracking of alumni , Ak.