Pengukuhan Dekan & Yudisium Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Labuhan Batu

Judicium is the announcement of grades to students as the final assessment process of all courses that have been taken by students and the determination of grades in academic transcripts, as well as deciding whether or not students will graduate in studying for a certain period of time, which is determined by the competent authority resulting from the decision of the judicial meeting. . The Judicium’s decision was declared by the Dean’s decision.

The Yudisium procession specifically for graduation candidates  for the Management Study Program Faculty of Economics and Business took place at the Labuhanbatu University Auditorium as well as the Inauguration of the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Mr. Pristiyono, SE, M.Si by Labuhanbatu University Chancellor Mr. Ade Parlaungan Nasution, SE, M.Sc. The Yudisium Program for Management Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business was also attended by Wr I Bid. Academic Dahrul Amman Harahap, SP.t, M.Pd, MM, Wr II Bid. Adm and Finance Dr. Sumitro, M.Si and Wr. III Bid. Dr. Student Affairs Amin Harahap, M.Si and representatives of the Deans of the Faculty of Labuhanbatu University.

In the event, Ade Parlaungan as the Chancellor of ULB confirmed Pristiyono, SE, M.Si as Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business. The inauguration procession walked with wisdom, all invited guests and students who would be in the judiciary applauded.


A cheerful face can be seen on the graduation candidates   from Labuhanbatu University, especially students of the Management Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business. After reading the Dean’s decree, students seem free from the heavy duty that shackles them every day.


There are 329 students who immediately hold a Bachelor of Economics (SE). “I can’t imagine being able to take part in the Judiciary,” said Irna (22), student of the Department of Management, FEB ULB, who won the highest cumulative achievement index (GPA) of 3.83, Saturday (24/8/2019). In the procession of the FEB ULB Student Judisum, the Chancellor of Labuhanbatu University, Mr. Ade Parlaungan Nasution, SE, M.Si, gave a message to students who graduated from college so that they could make knowledge that could be useful in society. In addition, if you have become alumni, you will still maintain the good name of the Labuhanbatu University alma mater. “While on campus, the only problems faced are lecturers. Later, when they are in the community, they will be more complex,” he added.